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Therapy On The Go

Therapy on the Go is based around talking therapies and dealing with multiple issues and challenges
that you may face.

At Therapy On The Go (TOTG), I know that your time is valuable, which is why I offer a flexible solution to fit in with you and your lifestyle. Rather than having a set appointment, I will work around you.

The flexibility of TOTG allows you to carry on with your day to day life, completely reassured that I am just a phone call away. Therapy should not seem like an inconvenience to your life. Instead it should work around you to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Our Services

What makes TOTG different  from other talking therapies?

Having all experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned new ways of encountering each other remotely in addition to in person.  Whether it be at breakfast, at your office or in the evening, I will make sure that I work around you and your schedule, in person or whatever method of contact suits you best.


I am always just a phone call/text message away when you need me. You do not need to wait for a set appointment.

Flexible Scheduling

In today’s society, time is a valuable commodity. Here at TOTG I utilise the limited time you have available to offer support.


Whether you want an in-person session or just a phone call, location is not an issue with me. 


"I often contact Phil if something at work or home has shaken my confidence.  Phil helps me to carefully review situations and work out if a situation is in my control to change, or out of my control.  I can then discern if I make a change or accept what has happened and move on.”

Finance Director from Cornwall

Ready to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more information about why TOTG could be a great fit for you and your mental wellbeing, please complete the contact form below to arrange a free consultation. 

  • Prices start from £95 depending on the style of therapy. 

  • First assessment session is free. 

  • Option to extend a session to 90 minutes (additional charge applies).

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