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We know that choosing a therapist is a very personal decision and until you meet yours it is hard to tell if it will be a good match. Below are some of our client testimonials to help you decide if TOTG is the best place for you to start your therapy journey. 

Finance Director from Cornwall

"I often contact Phil if something at work or home has shaken my confidence.  Phil helps me to carefully review situations and work out if a situation is in my control to change, or out of my control.  I can then discern if I make a change or accept what has happened and move on.”

Doctor from Glasgow

"Had a wonderful experience working with Phil. Being a doctor means having a busy and chaotic lifestyle which Phil was extremely flexible around. He provided the space and calm needed to work through the challenges I was going through. He helped me regain for myself the strength to face whatever the future holds."

Elite Athlete with the UFC

"Phil has been an integral part of the process of my mental recovery following a horrendous injury (tearing both the lateral and medial meniscus, fully torn MCL and 95% torn ACL) and horrendous personal circumstances. He has been extremely professional and methodical with his approach to nurturing my psychological progression, to not only getting me back in the cage, but to also excelling, and once again making my dreams come true. The work I have done with him has 100% been a key factor for me to return to having success in my personal and professional life." 

Jonathan, Entrepreneur.

I met Phil after a Bipolar crash, when I was finding life very challenging; as usual I was burnt out and had over extended my self in all areas of my life. He asked me where I felt most comfortable to meet, so I suggested a local café, which was cosy and not too busy. I shared with him my mental state, excessive behaviours, over spending, and what ever I said he did not bat an eye-lid. He was non judgemental, very supportive and nothing was either right nor wrong. Over time he noticed improvements in my wellbeing that I had not registered, this external feedback was very helfpul and useful to build on. He encouraged my decision to change medication after 20 years years of taking a medication combination I was originally prescribed. The change was tough, but absolutley worth it in the end. I also appreciated Phil’s flexibility and that he could be contacted at any time, if I was experiencing undue negative pressure.

Police Officer

"My sessions with Philip were very beneficial. They helped me to better understand myself, my past, and my relationships with others. Thereby enabling me to feel more positive about my future. He was good at making me feel comfortable in the session and I am very glad that I had therapy with Philip. He is excellent. 

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